11 Bleecker St. New York NY 10012   212 529 5133 contact@quartino.com

We open at 12 noon Monday through Friday and at 11 AM on Saturday & Sunday for brunch

Kitchen serves till 12:30 AM Friday & Saturday,  11:30 pm Monday-Thursday and 11 pm on Sunday

BOOK YOUR PRIVATE PARTY* Private winter/summer garden for up to 35 seated or up to 50 standing, customized menu, organic wines & cocktails and your music: contact@quartino.com


The seasonal greens come from local organic markets. Salmon is Sockeye or Coho, wild from Alaska. Local fish out of Montauk varies daily: cod, flounder and monkfish, are frequent local catches. The flour is made from stone ground organic whole grains from Oregon: we use it for homemade bread, pasta, focaccia and desserts. Organic hemp flour is added for its taste, texture and health benefits. Our hemp focaccia is naturally gluten free made only with organic buckwheat, millet and hemp flour. Artisan cheeses are produced on local farms with raw milk from grass-fed cows. Whole brown rice and farro are also organic. All dishes are prepared with our own Ligurian production of organic olive oil added raw to preserve its flavors and natural vitamins: first cold-pressed from the latest harvest of handpicked Taggiasca olives. Juices, coffee, teas, chocolate, milk, butter, and maple syrup are always organic, including freshly squeezed orange juice. All eggs are from Pennsylvania free range, pasture raised, red star chickens. We also serve organic and vegan quinoa/amaranth gluten-free fusilli and farro penne with any accompaniment on the menu. The NYC water for cooking and on tables is triple-filtered on premises. The wines marked as organic or biodynamic are produced adhering strictly to traditional methods: each bottle is unique and slightly different from the previous one.


Olive oil is the primary ingredient of our cuisine. Good olive oil is a rare find. At Quartino Bottega Organica we produces the best possible quality in our 500 year-old family farm in Liguria, Italy. We use this truly golden delight for everything we prepare, in the kitchen and on tables. Many olive oils have one or more of the qualities listed below. Our oil has them all:

2018 harvest
Organic: no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, ever!
First-cold pressed from hand-picked olives, naturally rich in polyphenols, alfa-tocopherols, oleocanthal

*BOOKING YOUR PRIVATE PARTY, a message from Ianthe, our manager: 

Thank you for considering our winter/summer garden for your party. The garden can accomodate up to 35 people seated and up to 50 people standing.

If you wish to reserve the entire garden for a private event (only your party will be in the garden), a minimum charge applies:

Thursday Friday Saturday evenings: $2,000 minimum.

Other days/hours: $1,500 minimum.

The minimum is applied toward food and drinks for up to 35 people seated or 50 people standing. In other words if the bill amounts to less than the minimum you will still pay the minimum. If you end up spending more than the minimum you simply pay the bill amount.

If you do not need the entire garden reserved for your party, we can accommodate up to 15 people at one large table with no minimum. We can discuss menu choices in advance (which we suggest doing because we make everything to order and we wish to avoid delays). In this case you pay according to menu prices and there is no minimum.

To summarize, we have 2 options:

Option 1, the garden is privatized for your party only: a minimum charge towards food and drinks applies:

Thursday Friday Saturday evenings: $2,000 minimum.

Other days/hours: $1,500 minimum.

Option 2, up to 15 people, seated at one communal table in the garden - there might be other customers seated at other tables in the garden. No minimum required. 

For parties of 10 or more we offer a prix fixe option with a seasonal tasting menu for $40 per person, 6 courses including dessert tasting (these are small dishes of menu choices and daily specials from our chef); beverages are not included. Otherwise you can choose from the regular menu.

Pre-ordering from menu for parties of 10 or more is strongly suggested. For example, you can choose among 3 appetizers and 3 entrees. If you wish you can also choose three appetizers from the menu and we can serve 3 tasting small plates of each of those 3 appetizers to each guest for $18 (partial tasting menu) 

Please email contact@quartino.com and let's set a time to go over your options by phone.

I am looking forward to helping you organize the best dinner party!


Ianthe, Restaurant Manager